Lessons learned from Nick

Choose Courage

It takes courage to live a full life.  You might not be fighting a roaring lion in order to save your life and the life of your loved ones, but we all get the chance to exhibit courage.

Courage is deciding to move forward even when you are trembling in your boots.  It takes courage to march to the beat of your own drummer rather than following along the crowd.

Succumbing to fear is not courageous.  I am reminded of a powerful example of choosing courage in Nick’s favorite movie, “Top Gun.”  We have watched this movie so many times, our whole family could recite the dialog and sing the songs from memory.

Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, had just experienced a horrific airplane crash.  His best friend Goose was killed in the accident while he was flying the plane.  He felt responsible.

His fear caused him  to push everyone  away that tried to help him.  Even though he was the best pilot at the flight school, he was unable to re-engage in the flight training and move past the tragedy.  Somewhere deep inside of him, he found the strength to actually overcome the fear and he flew again.  That is courage.

We all experience difficult situations and even tragic ones.  We each have a choice to make.  Will we be frozen in inaction by our fears or will we be courageous and fly?  I hope that I continue to choose to fly.

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