Lessons learned from Nick

Nick sings in public.

Nick wanted to sing in our church talent night this weekend, and he said that Arden and I needed to sing with him.  He said that he wanted to sing his favorite song, which is Phil Coulter’s song, “The Town I love so well.”  We told him that it was too long for a talent night.  It takes over 7 minutes to sing.  So he compromised and said we were going to sing another Phil Coulter song.

He calls it “The Boys Song.”  The real title is “Scorn Not His Simplicity,”  written about the feelings and experiences of parents of a disabled son.  Phil and his wife had a young son with Down Syndrome.

The lyrics have always spoken to my heart, and they resonate with Nick’s heart, because he says that the song is about him too.  He sings all the time at home but usually like most of us, he gets nervous when he is singing in front of other people.   Sometimes you can barely hear him sing at all, but he keeps on wanting to try.

It takes courage to do things that are outside our comfort zone and especially when there is a risk of failure.  For over 37  years, we have tried to do whatever it took to assist Nick in is quest to have a full and happy life, whatever that looked like for him.  He wanted to sing in the talent show, so we made it happen.

Arden and I both feel a bit nervous about having a video of us singing on YouTube.  We don’t consider ourselves to be singers, but I was asked if we could post a video of Nick singing, so we have made one.  Nick loves it.  He keeps on saying, “I did a good job.”  We believe that he did a really good job.  We hope you like it.

You can find the video on YouTube.  https://youtu.be/oXrKtdWxAmg is the link.  Please share it if you like it. If you listen you can hear him singing.  He sings the bass part.

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