Lessons learned from Nick

Happy Easter. Happy – Nuss!

One of Nicholas’s ‘nick-names’ is Nuss, as in Nick-a-nuss, which we sometimes extrapolate to Glad-nuss or Sad-nuss or Tired-nuss.  You get the idea!  Well this morning we have Happy-Nuss.  Two reasons, he loves Jesus and he loves Easter and he tells us that he love’s Jesus’ sacrifice.  He died and He lives again.  What a sweet testimony of our Savior.

In addition to celebrating Easter, today, and with lots of support and assistance from Mom and Dad, Nick got to go into our new therapy pool, otherwise known as a hot tub.  He was so excited and happy.  His sprained ankle as well as the previously broken ankle are healed enough for him to be able to crawl into the tub.

Once he was settled, the first thing he asked was if he could talk to different family members.  If it was me asking, you might think that I wanted to brag a bit about having this wonderful experience of being in a new hot tub.  But no, Nick was feeling so excited with his experience, that his first thought was to share his joy with others that he loves. He wanted to have others join with him and be with him. What a pure example of Christ-like love.

I have two thoughts about this.  One, when I am experiencing joyful moments, will I remind my self to think of others and have the desire to share my joy with them.  Two, when others are sharing stories of their wonderful experiences with me, will I move past my thoughts that they are bragging, and remove my jealousy and work to share emotionally in the experience of their joy.

I hope that everyone has a joyful Easter.  I know the Savior Lives!

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