Miracles for Nick

Expect the unexpected.

This week has been more hectic than usual for us.  Nick was sick, which is stressful, and we were trying to finish all the things on our lists before we left for Ireland.  Throw in some birthday celebrations and friends visiting.  It was a full week.

Thursday we packed.  Nick calls it “final packing day.”  He was very excited, but as the day wore on, he seemed worn out.

Finally it was 10 pm and we were getting him ready for bed.  Arden became alarmed.  Nick was struggling to breathe.  Since we had no idea if he had fluid in his lungs, we decided to take him to the emergency room.

I am grateful that the medical professionals at the hospital were all amazing.  Nick had the same nurse, she remembered us from March when Nick broke his ankle.  She told us that when we left, she remarked to her co-worker that she didn’t know how we were going to care for him with that ankle.  We said that we had said that same thing to each other.

Two different ER doctors consulted to determine what to do.  Both of them came into the room and sat down and chatted with us.  We really felt taken care of.  We got home about 3 am.

It turns out that Nick didn’t have pneumonia, but he does have a bacterial infection.  They treated him with an IV antibiotic and a 4 day course of antibiotic tablets.  Nick’s only concern was that he could still travel.

As far as we know we are going to Ireland tomorrow.  And as we do know, we can expect the unexpected.  We need to roll with the punches, and look for the silver lining.  There are lots of common saying in our language to remind us how to get through difficult times.

Today has been a good day.  We are all tired but we are home and happy.  I am choosing to count my many blessings.

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