About Nick

Nick is a 37 year old man who is delightful.  I am his mom.  The doctors would describe him has having Lennox Gastaut Syndrome which has a lot of symptom and characteristics.  Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) is a rare and severe kind of epilepsy that starts in childhood. Children with LGS have seizures often, and they have several different kinds of seizures. This condition is hard to treat, but researchers are looking for new therapies.You can Google it if you want to know more about it.

He originally was diagnosed with developmental delay and static encephalopathy with a seizure disorder, as well as mental retardation, autistic tendencies, high anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.  About 7 years ago his diagnosis was changed to Lennox Gastaut Syndrome or LGS.  LGS presents itself commonly with all of the other disorders that Nick has been diagnosed with.  The interesting thing is that with the different things we have helped Nick deal with over the years, I believe that the story of our journey resonates with many parents and caregivers.

Keep coming back to this blog if you want to know more about Nick.  He usually wears collar shirts, he loves the color purple.  He loves people and others can feel that.