Lessons learned from Nick

“I like that dress.”

Today I was reminded of another great truth by Nick.  Arden, Nick and I were watching a local figure skating competition this afternoon.  The competitors were not elite level skaters.  Most of the kids were pre-teens who were at the beginning levels of competitive ice skating.  There were lots of mistakes and falls. I was sitting… Continue reading “I like that dress.”

My Experience

Don’t Procrastinate, Just Do It!

We all experience this.  There is something that we need to do.  We have agreed to it.  Others are counting on us.  It is looming and for many different reasons, we put it off and do other things instead.  We know that there will be consequences that follow our procrastination, but we weigh those consequences against our choice… Continue reading Don’t Procrastinate, Just Do It!

Lessons learned from Nick

Find a way to make it work.

Back in 1997 when Nick was 18, all the other kids were playing Nintendo video games.  Nick especially liked Super Mario Brothers.  He kept asking everyone if he could play with them.  The kids were very competitive and liked to see who could reach the highest levels, while collecting items and not dying.  They didn’t always… Continue reading Find a way to make it work.